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Camellia Place – Assisted Living and Memory Care


About Woodstock

Woodstock is a city in Cherokee County, Georgia, United States. The population was 33,039 as of 2019 according to the US Census Bureau. Originally a stop on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, Woodstock is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The city was the tenth fastest-growing suburb in the United States in 2007. == History == The Georgia General Assembly incorporated Woodstock as a town in 1897.

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Camellia Place - Assisted Living and Memory Care


A Caring Community of Distinction


Camellia Place is a Woodstock, GA Assisted Living, Memory Care and Respite facility that caters to the needs of memory care residents with mild, medium, and severe forms of dementia. We are
a senior living community that exemplifies safety, personalized care, compassion, and joy for aging parents with a small neighborhood of distinct single-story homes, three for assisted living and three for memory care--serving, Towne Lake, Canton, and Woodstock, Georgia.


(770) 296-1513

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294 Rope Mill Rd
Woodstock Georgia 30188
United States

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K. Hansen

Assisted Living Woodstock

What a great experience! My mom has been at Camellia Place for almost two months and it has been a great move for her. While we were initially hesitant to move her during COVID we got to the point where we had to. Camellia Place has done a fantastic job enabling a safe and healthy transition. My mom loves it! She is actively participating in exercise, art, music and other activities after being largely isolated for almost a year. You always wonder whether or not you are doing the right thing for your parent and we couldn

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D. Castleberry

Assisted Living

As a local long term care insurance agent, Camellia Place is my top recommendation for exceptional memory care and assisted living for not only my clients but my friends and family as well. Camellia Place offers a truly unique experience and I have seen the difference they make in the lives of the residents first hand.

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S. Lester

Memory Care Woodstock

Mom is in memory care at Camellia Place and I can

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J. Consolver

Assisted Living

From the moment you drive on grounds at Camellia Place, you feel that you are somewhere unique and special. Birds are chirping, the landscape and flowers are beautiful, and there is a certain calm and peace. Each home has a loving, family atmosphere. The residents seem happy and engaged. Every detail from the lighting and temperature to the music, furniture, and smell of baked goods has a calming effect. You feel right at home while you visit with your loved one. You can sit at their kitchen table and enjoy coffee or tea with a delicious snack, or if you prefer you can relax and visit in their living room. You

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A. Hoenbery

Assisted Living Canton

Camellia Place is assisted living and memory care like no other! It

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D. Whitson

Memory Care

6 years ago My mother has been a resident in memory care at Camellia Place since June. From the very beginning of the application process, I have been so impressed with the individual attention both the families and residents have been given by the staff. I feel so welcome as a family member, and my 88 year-old mother, who has many health issues, is blossoming there. I really can

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B. Shupe

Assisted Living

My 91 year old father in law has been here for approximately 3 months and absolutely loves everything about Camellia Place; from the facility, meals, activitie,, medical support and all the incredible staff. Everyone on staff loves their residents, no matter what their primary responsibilites are. All the residents encourage each other.There is a special spirit in this place that is difficult to explain.

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B. Bonatucci

Assisted Living Cherokee County

One of the best kept secrets in Senior Living in Cherokee County. The minute you walk on the campus you feel the comforts of home. Lisa and Brandon have such a knack for assuring you that your loved one is going to be cared for as family. If you are looking for a new place to call home for your loved one you better hurry because Camellia Place won

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D. Halloran

Assisted Living Community

My father arrived this summer. It has been a difficult transition for him emotionally. Of course, the place is beautiful with lots of very sweet people living there. What makes this place wonderful is the kindness shown by the staff. It is nothing short of amazing. My father, in particular, cannot say enough nice things about Ashley, Dennis, and Clayton - we are all lucky to have them.

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K. Weise

Retirement Assisted Living

Amber, one of the sales professinals at Camelia Place is friendly and knowledgeable. If you are looking for senior living in Cherokee county checking out Camelia Place should be on your list. They offer a unique cottage style way of living that may be just right for your loved one.

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B. Morris

Memory Care Georgia

The staff at Camellia Place are so friendly and welcoming. I wish they had been around when my granddad was suffering with Alzheimer’s. I think they would’ve made his time much better.

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W. Fortenberry

Assisted Living Memory Care

Making the decision to move a loved one into assisted living is not easy, especially when that loved one was a very active 70-something who still enjoyed riding his bike and being outdoors, but whose declining memory made continuing to live alone a hazard to his safety. When my sister and I looked for the perfect place for our dad, George, we learned very quickly what we did not want, which was a large, hotel-like facility that was overwhelming to him, a person who never liked being around a lot of people. We toured a handful of places before discovering Camellia Place. I knew as soon as I walked in the door that this was the place for my dad and he moved in shortly after. I remember the first night we left him, after preparing his room, getting him settled in, and saying our goodbyes, my sister and I pulled the car around where he could not see us so we could make sure he walked back to his new home safely. It was akin to dropping our child off at school and praying that the other kids would be nice to him, that he would not eat alone, and that he would make friends and be accepted. It did not take long for Camellia Place to become dad