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The Whistleblower Advocates

About Philadelphia

Philadelphia, often called Philly, is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the sixth largest city in the U.S., the second largest city in the Northeast megalopolis (behind New York City), and the 68th largest city in the world. Since 1854, the city has had the same geographic boundaries as Philadelphia County, the most populous county in Pennsylvania and the urban core of the Delaware Valley, the nation's seventh-largest and world's 35th-largest metropolitan region, with 6.096 million residents as of 2020. The city's population as of the 2020 census was 1,603,797. Philadelphia was founded in 1682 by William Penn, an English Quaker. The city served as capital of the Pennsylvania Colony during the British colonial era.

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The Whistleblower Advocates


Whistleblower attorneys Philadelphia, PA


Our Philadelphia Whistleblower Lawsuit Lawyers have helped hundreds of whistleblowers to obtain millions of dollars in compensation. We covered healthcare fraud, government contract fraud, contruction project fraud, education industry fraud, finacial industry & mortgage fraud, environment fraud. Our local Whistleblower lawyers have helped clients in surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Oxford Circle, Olney, West Oak Lane, Mayfair, Cobbs Creek, Somerton, Bustleton, Overbrook, Holmesburg, Richmond, Rhawnhurst, Lawndale, Upper Kensington, Frankford, Logan, Rittenhouse, Wissinoming, Hartranft, Fox Chase, Pennsylvania.


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123 S Broad St #1670-B
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19109
United States

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jerry m

Whistleblower lawyer Philadelphia, PA

They were the most knowledgeable company that I spoke with. I learned about whistleblower retaliation from them, and their customer service is top-notch! If you need legal guidance, get in touch with The Whistleblower Advocates; I highly recommend their free consultation.

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Nick T

Whistleblower attorney Philadelphia, PA

The Whistleblower Advocates are an amazing team of whistleblower attorneys and are very knowledgeable! Thank you for answering all of my questions.

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Jay M

Whistleblower lawyer Philadelphia, PA

As someone who has never had to blow the whistle against a corporation, or any company for that matter, I had a lot of questions and The Whistleblower Advocates were helpful in answering all of my questions when I called them this week. Thank you very much! I was nervous to talk about the employer issue but feel better now and have some piece of mind and can finally take action!