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ZenChange Marketing

About Miami

Miami (), officially the City of Miami, is a major city and coastal metropolis located in Miami-Dade County in southeastern Florida. With a population of 442,241 as of the 2020 census, it is the second-most populous city in Florida, the eleventh-most populous city in the Southeast U.S., and the 44th most populous city in the nation. Miami is the core of the nation's ninth largest and world's 65th largest metropolitan area with a population of 6.138 million people as of 2020. The city has the third largest skyline in the United States with over 300 high-rises, 58 of which exceed 491 ft (150 m).Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, arts, and international trade. The Miami metropolitan area is by far the largest urban economy in Florida and the 12th largest in the United States, with a GDP of $344.9 billion as of 2017.

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ZenChange Marketing


The Art & Science of Small Business Marketing


We offer small business marketing services, including Fractional CMO and strategy execution. We can help you build a website, write content, create compelling graphics, manage your Adwords campaign or manage your social media. We take the time to get know your business so we can develop a marketing strategy that works. We will help you make smart marketing investments. While many marketing agencies can show you beautiful pictures, we can help you develop a business and marketing plan to target your market niche. We can also help you execute your offline and online growth strategy. Our leadership offers Fortune 500 lessons at a rate small businesses can afford.



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848 Brickell Key Drive
Miami Florida 33131
United States

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Dale MacDonald


ZenChange has been working with us for almost a year now, and the increase in our business as a result of their marketing efforts has been phenomenal. The turn around times is fast, they are highly responsive, and its been a great investment which has led us to doing more with them. 5 Stars are well deserved, and truly appreciated.

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Kim Twigger


Wow. Impressed with you Diane. Not only did you accommodate us when we were in the depths of debt. You and your team are growing us organically. Yes we would like to start a small budget for paid search. I am on board with your game plan and I personally want to thank you for allowing us to pay you on a tight budget. No words to describe how I feel about your kindness. Thank you Diane!