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Maryland Injury Guys


About Baltimore

Baltimore ( BAWL-tim-or, locally: bawl-da-MOR or BAWL-mər) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maryland, the fourth most populous city in the Mid-Atlantic, and the 30th most populous city in the United States with a population of 585,708 in 2020. Baltimore was designated an independent city by the Constitution of Maryland in 1851, and today it is the most populous independent city in the nation. As of 2021, the population of the Baltimore metropolitan area was estimated to be 2,838,327, making it the nation's 20th largest metropolitan area. Baltimore is located about 40 miles (64 km) north northeast of Washington, D.C., making it a principal city in the Washington–Baltimore combined statistical area (CSA), the third-largest CSA in the nation, with a 2021 estimated population of 9,946,526.Prior to European colonization, the Baltimore region was used as hunting grounds by the Susquehannock Native Americans, who were primarily settled further northwest than where the city was later built. Colonists from the Province of Maryland established the Port of Baltimore in 1706 to support the tobacco trade with Europe, and established the Town of Baltimore in 1729.

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Maryland Injury Guys


Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore - Personal injury attorneys


The Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore, MD law firm is staffed with experienced personal injury lawyers who fight aggressively for our clients to obtain justice and compensation for their injuries. Our local injury lawyers handle many types of cases for personal injuries such as dog bites, car accidents and slip and falls. Our law firm opened a downtown Baltimore office to serve clients in Baltimore, Fells Point and Charles Village, Belair–Edison, Hampden, and Hampden. Get a free consultation today


(410) 762-4569

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2001 Eastern Ave #1
Baltimore Maryland 21231
United States

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Kevin W

Best personal injury attorney Baltimore, MD

Amazing service. I had called looking to speak with a personal injury attorney for my accident in Charles Village and was blown away by the knowledge of the staff. They are extremely compassionate and would be my first choice if I needed another lawyer in the future. The best law firm in Baltimore! 🙌

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William M

Car accident lawyer Baltimore Maryland

I was in a car accident 🚗 with my family on the way to Fort McHenry National Monument, it was my first car accident and we were all quite shaken up since our kids were with us. Maryland Injury Guys were so understanding and patient with us and dealt with the insurance company so we didn

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Jerry M

Bicycle Accident Attorney Baltimore, MD

I worked with Aaron Blank of Maryland Injury Guys after I was in a bicycle accident on E Baltimore St. He even helped me find a doctor to help my recovery. I was impressed with my legal representation and recommend anyone in need of a good personal injury lawyer to call them.