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Timber Cuts Tree Service


About Kaysville

Kaysville is a city in Davis County, Utah. It is part of the Ogden–Clearfield metropolitan area. The population was 27,300 at the time of the 2010 census, with an estimated population of 32,390 in 2019. == History == Shortly after Latter Day Saint pioneers arrived in 1847, the Kaysville area, originally known as "Kay's Creek" or Kay's Ward, was settled by Hector Haight in 1850 as a farming community. He had been sent north to find feed for the stock and soon thereafter constructed a cabin and brought his family to settle the area.

Neighborhoods in Kaysville, Utah

Kaysville Heights, West Kaysville

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Timber Cuts Tree Service


Professional Tree Service in Utah


Timber Cuts Tree Service is proud to be serving Utah with professionalism and attention to detail. We specialize in emergency tree service, tree removal, trimming and pruning.


(801) 335-9650

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1841 Carriage Lane
Kaysville Utah 84037
United States

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Dakota Draper

tree service in utah

I can't even describe to you how AMAZING and professional these guys are! Upon first meeting to do a free appraisal, Burke and I clicked due to his personable demeanor and understanding nature that gave me a feeling of ease. I didnt feel like he was there just for a quick buck. Him and Dakota made quick work of my yards 9 mature pine trees and when I mentioned there might be birds nests in them, they agreed that they would be careful. After the job was done, they showed me the nest they found and explained they had left some of the branches below it to support the weight. I am beyond grateful for their suggestions, expertise, and overall willingness to make sure my trees were done the way I wanted them done. They cleaned up my backyard afterwards of all the branches and debri and even cleaned up a pile of dead fall I had raked out of their way. They even went as far as to blow away the leaves in front of my gate! Very kind and affordable people that I will employ their services again in the future!